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Nsclc with bone mets


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Can anyone enlighten me on the treatment of lung cancer with bone Mets? I had a LLL lobectomy with chemo and radiation in 2016 with NED ct scans until last week. Now I have a questionable lesion at T9 needing an MRI, I was previously staged as 3A. Should I be expecting more chemo and radiation?


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Hi Christina,

It’s nice to meet you, I’m so sorry about this situation.  When I was diagnosed I had some mild scattered  spinal Mets in the thoracic region.  I had biomarker testing which revealed I was ALK Positive. Since I had no symptoms, my targeted therapy was the primary treatment plan.  The treatment worked for me.  The cancer is gone. 

Some of the members in my support group had spinal lesions that were successfully treated with precision radiation and now their disease is stable.  

Let us know how the MRI turns out- the spine MRIs are long & confining.  I usually get a low dose of Valium.  One of the things that was strange was the room being very cold however once the MRI gets going, the spine gets really warm.  So wear something light & opt for the blankets. 

Hope it goes well.  


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