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Robotic-assisted surgery soon -- right lung, 3 nodules in 2 lobes


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Would be grateful to know how those of you who have had robotic-assisted lobectomies are doing.

I am scheduled for robotic-assisted surgery on my right lung on May 22:

Wedgectomy of likely cancerous nodule in mid-lobe, with biopsy, etc.

Removal of large nodule in upper lobe & biopsy; second smaller nodule in upper lobe is in difficult location.

If surgeon decides a lobectomy of middle lobe is required, will do that.

If not, he will do a lobectomy of upper lobe as way of dealing with both the large & smaller nodule since the latter is in a hard place to get to.

So bottom line:  definite middle lobe wedgectomy; then either middle lobe or upper lobe lobectomy.

He said wouldn't remove both lobes since that would put me on constant oxygen.

Can't help being scared & truly am dreading the surgery & the aftermath.


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I responded to the message you sent me.  Scared is normal.  It is nothing near as bad as I’m sure you are envisioning.  

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