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15,000th post and counting !!!


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Many of you know my story- many of you don't.  If you're interested in a little bit of history you can read it here: https://www.iamkatiebrown.com/about.html

Today is my 15,000th post!  (actually probably +100 more but when we transitioned our messageboard in November of 2002 to an upgraded version in Jan of 2003 we lost all those first posts)  So I wanted to mark my 15,000th post by sharing the link to my very first post.  And the profile pic I had then was this one of me and my dad

This was the first place ever for online lung cancer support and it's still the very best place to be.

Thank you to all our incredible moderators and every single member, past and present, for posting and supporting each other through this disease.

Best hopes,





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Well done! You are the glue that binds this forum. Thanks for devoting a substantial portion of your life advocating and supporting lung cancer survivors and care givers. 

Stay the course. 


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You Katie Brown are one amazing human being!!!  How I wish there had been someone like you around in 1991 when my father was diagnosed with and died 5 months later of lung cancer. You have truly made a difference. I now am going through this a second time only this time it’s my Mom. The difference in the information and support now is astounding. Thank you from the bottom of my (breaking) heart. 

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Katie, I want to thank you for beginning this forum. It has been a lifesaver for me.

Every other forum I found, when I was diagnosed, was so negative that I almost stopped looking for one. 

All the folks on here are so positive about things that I finally started looking at the whole situation a lot differently.

My thanks to you and the other good folks on this forum. 


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