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How to get palliative care


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How to Get Palliative Care?

The first step is to talk to your own doctor. Most of the time, you have to ask your doctor for a palliative care referral to get palliative care services. Whether you are in the hospital or at home, a palliative care team can help you. Following are some tips to help you talk to your doctor:

Tell your doctor you are thinking about palliative care, and ask where palliative care is available in your area.

Ask your doctor to explain your illness and any past, current and future treatments and procedures.

Explain to your doctor exactly what quality of life means to you. This list may include: being able to spend time with loved ones; relief from any pain and other symptoms; having the ability to make your own decisions for care and where you want to be treated (home vs. in the hospital).

Be sure your doctor is aware of any personal, religious or cultural beliefs, values or practices that are important to consider in your care and treatment decisions.

Tell your doctor which treatments you may or may not want.

Mention that you would like time to discuss future planning for your care. You should do this even if you’re well or it’s early in your illness.

If you have completed a living will or health care proxy, be sure to tell your doctor and provide him or her with a copy.

Finally, at any point in your illness if you are experiencing symptoms and stress, ask your doctor for the palliative care referral!


Find a provider: https://getpalliativecare.org/howtoget/find-a-palliative-care-team/


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