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What are Angiogenesis Inhibitors ? FAQ


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Angiogenesis Inhibitors

As the body develops and grows, it makes new blood vessels to supply all of the cells with blood. This process is called angiogenesis. When the new blood vessels provide oxygen and nutrients to the cancer cells, they help the cancer cells grow and spread.

The goal of angiogenesis inhibitors is to help stop or slow the growth or spread of these tumors. They are also called anti-angiogenic agents or drugs.

Click on the link for answers to these frequently asked questions: 


  • How do angiogenesis inhibitors work?
  • Available angiogenesis inhibitors for lung cancer
  • What are the side effects of angiogenesis inhibitors?
  • Where do angiogenesis inhibitors fit in the lung cancer treatment plan?
  • Questions to ask your healthcare team about angiogenesis inhibitor therapy
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