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Motivation to Move


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Thank you @Rower Michelle and @LouT.  I was about to hit the couch for some serious TV watching last night until I read your posts.  Two miles is amazing Lou!  Michelle I hope you did your recumbent bike.  I was able to do a 20 minute medium intensity strength work out.  Mostly isometric and cardio.  I sue Fitbit Coach.  First time post surgery that I got through it without feeling more winded than I did before surgery.  I took a break for a few weeks while I was fighting a cold.  I even had enough energy to wrestle (and win) against the kids before bed.  A little bit of sensitivity still on my incision side but it took a six year old jumping on it for me to notice.  💪🏼 


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You boys rock!  Yep- I got out and did 8 miles- the longest PC ride to date. Doesn’t sound like much, however Overland Park is like the Glen Ridge/Montclair/West Orange area.  Kansas is not flat!  The recumbent trike means you have to push all your weight...

I did the Lung Cancer Living Room yesterday- it’s dedicated to mutants.  My take away was the necessity to keep in shape while on Alectinib.  This is the “easy” drug.  The next generation inhibitors aren’t so well tolerated.  My hope is the fourth generation inhibitor will be available so I can skip the third generation. 

Going to squeeze in another ride before the storms set in AGAIN...

Power on......😬

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Hey Boys-

9 miles today! I might be unconscious tomorrow but I have acupuncture in the afternoon to recharge.  Wednesday I can sleep in the car as we’re off to Colorado Springs. My brother in-law has scored a power assisted trike for me so I can manage at altitude (I hope). Looking forward to seeing the mountains and taking a vacation from being a full time LC warrior. 


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9 actual miles?!   That’s rocking.  I’d definitely   be unconscious.  I was playing baseball with my kids earlier and was squatting into a catchers position.  I was getting really dizzy from it.  It was pretty upsetting.  It’s the first time that’s happened with any physical activity.  I think it had to do with squatting and compressing my lungs.  I was planning on trying some laps in the pool and that experience was holding me back from trying it.  Thank you for the motivation to try it anyway.  

I LOVE Colorado, especially Rocky Mountain National Park.  I’ve been wondering what it will be like being at that altitude.  I’ve always been sensitive to higher altitude and would need a day to acclimate, I’m worried that will be harder now.  I tried one of the power assisted mountain bikes the other day.  They are very cool and provide the perfect amount of assistance when needed.  The one I tried was pretty quick on the street, almost 20 MPH.  Have a blast on vacay.  

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