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Clinical Trial Phase Ib info


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Here are the details of the clinical trial that I am participating in:

A Study of RO7198457 as a Single Agent and in Combination With Atezolizumab in Participants With Locally Advanced or Metastatic Tumors

Experimental: Phase 1b Exploration: RO7198457 + Atezolizumab

Non-small cell lung cancer (NSCLC) or Melanoma cancer immunotherapy (CIT)-treated participants will receive RO7198457 (at dosage lower than maximum tolerated dose [MTD] based on available safety data) along with atezolizumab at a fixed dose of 1200 mg.


Genentech, Inc.

Seems like about 4 hours after the infusions is when the adverse reactions kick in (Rigors, High BP, Fever), but it is managed with narcotics that alleviate the symptoms)..There are other potential side effects but I've noticed mainly the fatigue aspect. I'll keep posting updates as I experience it. Day 2 is on Tuesday!!



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Hi Michelle,

They just call it a personal cancer vaccine combined with Tecentriq.. I don't think they'd let me name it, but I do like your idea!

They are trying to get over 700 people into the trial. They are no where close to that number. It's a pretty long process to become eligible and not everyone had that kind of time to wait. 

Hoping that tomorrow goes well!


Take care,


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