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No hot spots in PET scan


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Clean PET scan. It took a week and I had to nag the lab, but Monday they sent preliminary PET scan data to my radiation onc. He called Tuesday to say that there were no hot spots visible in the scan. :D:D Hurrah!

My euphoria over the good result was dampened by his insistence that I need 30 more radiation treatments to my original tumor cite. I had received only 9 burns when I was forced to interrupt radiation because of extreme anemia. My esophagus was in very bad shape from the chemo, even before radiation.

I have been receiving treatment with Prilosec for esophageal reflux (GERD) for at lest seven years prior to any cancer problem. I don’t think I can stand 30 doses of radiation and wonder if I should even start it, if I can not complete it? It has been two months since my last chemotherapy. Is radiation to the primary site effective after such a long delay? This radiation onc said he would not do PCI on me unless I received the full radiation dose to my chest. He would give no opinion on the probable outcomes of treatments. This last week was the first time since Oct. that I began to eat well and feel almost normal, I hate to see it end.

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My mom is about to start 25 sessions of radiation. Stats are usually not posted around here, but...my mother pressed the radiologist for stats concerning the radiation. He said without radiation, the 2-year survival rate is 10-20%. With radiation, the THREE year survival rate is 10-20%. Don't know where the stats came from, and I'd take 'em with a grain of salt (if not half the shaker).

I don't think you're likely to get answers on whether radiation is effective if broken up by a long pause like yours - it's still debated when is best to start and whether once-daily or twice-daily radiation is better.

I'd try to talk to another radiologist. Maybe a gastroenterologist as well. I think GERD does matter in the decision, but I'm no doctor.

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I had the 30+ radiation treatments done and then had the PCI. My throat was awful for about 2 months and so far I have lost 70 pounds (which I could stand to lose) and if I had it to do over I would be first in line. Everyone has to decided what is best for them. Prayers and good wishes coming your way.

God Bless,


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I agree with everyone, second opinions can help if nothing but for information, which is a powerful tool.

I had acid reflux and my bronchial tubes weren't that great to start with. So, yes, when the radiation treatments started, so didn't the pain. Eating has never been a problem for me.. but swallowing became intolerable! They gave me some stuff (mix) that numbed the area and made the swallowing so much better. Tasted terrible, but then you consider the alternative.... I believe your chances of getting better and keeping it that way are greatly enhanced by the radiation treatments. But that is my opinion and you will have to make the decision for yourself. Just do alot of research on it and then make your mind up.

Here's hoping for your continued good news!!

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