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Active lifestyle after major lung surgery ??


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Hi everyone.

It's been quite some time since I've posted regarding my mountain biking exploits; there's been quite a few serious issues being dealt with, as well as at least 300 more people register -- many of which have had some type of lung surgery. Many people wonder what type of lifestyle is possible with less lung capacity. I certainly did. Would I always function on short, shallow breaths? Would I always be out of breath climbing a flight of stairs? Could I still ride my bike? Up a hill?

Well, yes, I will always be out of breath at the top of a flight of stairs. But it's a good out of breath -- not short and shallow anymore -- but deep and full. This morning I ran up 150 flights of stairs before starting work. Every breath I take fills my lung down to the bottom, and it feels good. And ride my bike -- up a hill? I live for hills!! They are the best part of biking now. My signature says "Positive attitude and exercise rules". It shouldn't matter what age you were when you experienced lung capacity depletion, if you can combine exercise with some positive attitude, you will experience the benefits that will enhance your lifestyle. Lung capacity will increase. Muscle strength will improve, which in turn will help with good skeletal support and posture. If you take that one step further and add or maintain a healthy, well balanced diet to the exercise and positive attitude... Well, I don't mean to sound preachy, but this combination has worked for me, and if my experiences can help dismiss some anxiety about living on a decreased lung capacity, then I don't mind.

For those who are new here and don't know me, I rode in the 24hrs of Adrenalin World Solo Mountain Bike Race up in Whistler B.C. last Sept. I completed 11 laps in the 24hrs for 156 miles of tough, hilly terrain, and placed ninth in the world. I'm already registered and am training for this year's race, and am determined to complete at least 13 laps for 185 miles this time.

For those of you who live in western Canada, the televised coverage of the race will be Thursday, Feb. 12 at 7:00 Mountain and Pacific time on Rogers Sportsnet. I was one of the featured riders in the program -- I think because I competed against two lungers. I don't know what time it will be aired in the rest of Canada -- check your local listings for "24hrs of Adrenalin". As for you nice folks to the south of me, if you have a sattelite dish you may get it, but as of yet neither ABC nor NBC has picked it up, but the producers are hopeful. I am trying to learn how to compress and stream video so I could send it to anyone interested. I have to figure this out soon so I can send Laurie some video for the movie she has spearheaded about lung cancer, so if there's anyone who can guide me this it would speed things up. I am also trying to learn how to build my own website so I could put all the video footage on it so anyone can access it.

Take what you will from this post. It is meant to provide a bit of hope for those going through surgery and wondering what may be in store for you. A positive attidude when combined with exercise sure can't hurt. You decide. Take care.

David Piercy

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I may point out, David, that one of the reasons you had such great results being a one lunger is that you, like Lance Armstrong, didn't have radiation.

Radiation causes lungs to lose elasticity, and if you have irradiated lung tissue, it is somewhat unlikely you'll be running up 150 flights of stairs before work...

That said, I agree with everything you said, David. Exercise, maximize lung function, you'll feel better, your energy level will increase, you will sleep better , eat better, etc on down the line. Also works wonders in fighting depression and other kinds of blues.

Bless you David for sticking with us, when after so long you certainly didn't have to. You have a giving spirit and a great heart.

Keeping you in my prayers too,



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So nice to hear from an old friend, only in the sense that we have known each other better than a year and have sent many messages to each other. I'm the old one of the two of us. :D:D:D

Being that you about 20 years younger than I, I will give you the credit of having some youth still left in you. :):):)

I am anxiously awaiting the golf season to start here in Wisconsin. We are now less than 2 months away. In the meantime, my wife and I are taking a week and going to St. Augustine Florida, and you guessed it, we will be staying in a condo looking out over the 17th fairway of the World Golf Villa. In the five days we are there I hope to spend at 3 days on the course, or each day depending on how muchtime we have, after taking in the sites of the oldest city on the North American Continant.

I am planning again, to use a golf cart, but am planning on doing much more walking this year. Rather than drive the cart to my shot, if my cart partner is taking a shot, I will grab the club I need and walk to my ball. Likewise, while I am hitting I will send my cart partner, with the cart to his ball, and then walk to there. I would walk the course period, but the course is very hilly and even some of the younger guys are challenged by the hills.

Where the heck have you been. It's been awhile since you have checked in with us. I was beginning to think you had riden your bike over a cliff, or hit a tree, or something worse than that. I knew cancer wasn't the issue because you kicked the shi_ out of that years ago. :lol::lol::wink:

It's good to hear you have been training for these big rides upcoming. You are the Arnold Swarzennegger of the group as you do all the big physical things, and "you always WILL BE BACK".

In case you haven't heard I beat it back again. They discovered liver mets in November, I went in a clinical trial, had problems with side effects, and was taken off the trial. The good thing, regardless of the side effects, the drug worked and as of February 6, I have no active cancer. :):):)

Now in addition to your bike training, get out your golf clubs and start working on your game so you can come and play in the 3rd annual Lung Cancer Memorial Golf Outing in Baraboo, WI, July 16, 2004. Send me your address and I'll send you an entry form along with all the usual Cgamber of Commerce stuff about Baraboo, WI. I would love to have several teams of nothing but lung cancer survivors. We can show everyone else that having lung cancer dosen't stop a person from enjoying themselves.

You go out there and beat the shi_ out of all them 2 lungers in the bike world. :lol::lol::lol:

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