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Concerts For The Cure


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Hi friends,

Okay please pray and send good vibes for the hosts to come forth I'm starting to set things up so that we can start raising money for LCSC awarenes/patient support and advocacy !

Katie I know that you are overwhelming busy, but I was wondering if we could set something up for Dallas around the time of the Cure convention ...One of the musicans brothers is from there and he has quite a following..in that area...what we need a place with a 'good' sound system we can do a church or school,performance center but the sound/ overhead goodwilling free donated or 'minimal' is the key as these musical quests are professional musicians....we can do all gospel if


We can have tables set up for lc awerness...the musical quests can sell there CDs, promos and we can get donations at the door...We will show the LC clip before the concert...

We are looking for a host in Kansas city, or Atlanta...If you are connected or know a muscian to Jam with us please let me know!

Aso I was wondering if I could use more picture s... Peg, David A, CindyRN, TBone, Andrea B's.... families and the clarity that has to be good soUpclose pictures are working out well...Deanna M's too...??

Blessings to all and your families!

Thank you


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Well one of the musicians I know has voluntarily offered to ask a LA DJ to find us a host! And with him doing advertising I hope to be a success .... She has a beautiful Natalie Cole / Janet Jackson essecensseee and I pray we can be sucessful, I would like to raise alot of money!! but settle for whatever the lord feels is appropriate ... Patient support etc is needed!

I hope things go well...

Keep your toes and fingers crossed!

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