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Carboplatin + Taxol


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Just returned from taking my husband to Roswell Cancer Center 2/11/04 for a second opinion.

Our main objective was to try "Chemosensitivity Testing" through a company called Onotech in Ca., but the Dr. at Roswell said that the location of my husbands tumor would prevent getting a good sample (2 gr). It could be done with surgery, but after having a triple bypass in June of 03, could cause complications + would delay treatments. So, here we are back to square one, except for the fact that he recommended Carbo + Taxol, given only once a week with radiation for 7 weeks. Apparently, it is the Chemo that allows the Radiation to do its job. Our original Oncologist suggested Cisplatin + Etoposide given 3 cycles twice with radiation.

I would appreciate any information on the side effects of both treatments.

They gave my husband the standard 15% survial rate up to two years.

I hope he can go through the treatments, as he has been suffering with a misdiagnosed tumor for seven months.

Thanks to everyone on this list.


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what cancer does your husband have NSC or SC?

my mom had NSC and did the Carbo/Taxol and her side effects were severe joint pain for about 10 days, fatige, weakness, loss of appetite, nausea, but mom had 1 dose every 3 weeks and it was a big dose.

dad has SCLC and he is on the etiposide/cisplatin and his side effects are extreme nausea and vomiting for first 3 days. very tired and sleeps allot. about 8 days later he is doing relatively well, appetite is returning slowly but still a little unsteady on his feet and has ringing in his ears.

double edge sword that chemo is. they need it for any chance to live, but it could take what good life they have left.

sucks big time.

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Earl had Carbo/Taxol for his 2nd line of chemo. Fatigue was the biggest problem. He lost his hair and had some real nausea after the third treatment.

They stopped after 4 treatments since it seemed so hard on him.

But he also had had many other treatments and had really not recovered from any of them before they started the next.

Good luck.


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Johnny had carbo/taxol no real problems at all. A little more fatiqued on the secnd day after treatment and lost about half of his hair. He took it once a week too. When they started him on the same thing for a second cycle he had a reaction to the caboplantin. It seems that it builds up in the system and eventually nearly everyone has a reaction. His just happened to be earlier than most. No one told us about that until it happened. I hope this helps. Best of luck Lillian

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Judy Husband is on Carbo/taxol 1 dose every 3 weeks. Had his 7th infusion yesterday. Hasn't been nauseous takes Zofran every 12 hours for first 4 days for his sour stomach. About third day after treatment gets some pain in legs and feet which goes away in a couple of days. Not that much weakness or fatigue. Hair started falling out about the third treatment. He has tolerated this chemo combination very well. Everyone reacts differently hope whatever treatment you and husband decide on gives both a good and long life. Carolyn

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I had six treatments of carbo/taxol, one treatment every 3 weeks. I lost my hair, but the rest of the side effects were mild - no real nausea to speak of, but I did get the joint pains a couple of days after the treatment, and that lasted for a few days. I started taking Celebrex for the pain, which helped. Celebrex is also a COX-2 inhibitor, which studies show enhance the chemo and helps stop cancers from growing.

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My mom had carbo/taxol in conjunction with radiation as her first line treatment. Alot of her side effects came with the radiation, but as far as the carbo/taxol her she mostly suffered from fatigue, hair loss and nausea/occasional vomiting. My mom received the chemo weekly with daily radiation. Overall she handled her treatments very well...still able to do all her daily activities.

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