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SCLC Survival Rates per Age, Gender, Race, Stage at Diagnosis


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Women tend to have higher survival rates than men.

Small Cell Lung Cancer does not have 100% mortality rate. Your survival rate depends on factors such as your age, gender, race, and stage at diagnosis. Most importantly, you're an individual.

There are SCLC survivors who went into remission and their lung cancer never came back. For example, Montessa M. Lee (lung cancer advocate) was diagnosed with extensive stage SCLC in 2006. Today, nearly 13 years after diagnosis, she is doing well and is active in lung cancer advocacy.

To check *relative* 5-year and 10-year survival rates for Small Cell Lung Cancer based on individual characteristics (age, gender, race, stage at diagnosis), use National Cancer Institute's SEER Database.


For example, here are 5-year and 10-year survival rates for my mom:
White, Female,Age 60-64, and Distant (Extensive) Stage at Diagnosis:


You can adjust SEER explorer to fit your unique circumstances.

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Both females. Females have better survival and remission rates. If you look at this site, SCLC is rarely ever posted about, and unfortunately I think that tells you all you need to know. It’s always good to hope, but statistics are real numbers, and this is a terrible disease. At extensive stage it just isn’t that often. 

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Here is more good news, hope it helps.

Every year survived ↑ increases ↑ the probability of surviving next 5 years, according to SEER. Here is a Conditional Relative Survival for all ages and genders lumped together  https://seer.cancer.gov/archive/csr/1975_2015/browse_csr.php?sectionSEL=15&pageSEL=sect_15_zfig.09

For example, those who survive 1st year with Extensive Stage Small Cell Lung Cancer have their chances more than triple (from 4% to 13.3%) to survive next 5 years. Again, if we could get data for relative survival rates of women, these stats would be even higher, since women tend to have higher survival with SCLC.

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