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ūüėϬ†Hello my husband has lung cancer diagnosis. He has chosen no test or treatments. Went in hospital in Feb. told he had pneumonia and pleurisy.¬† Ct also showed spots on right lung. Chest xray 6 weeks later were worse. Question i have since then his sense of taste and smell totally off. Loss of appetite also. Are these common symptons for cancer? Txs in advance.

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Hi Sue.  I’m sorry about your husband.  Cancer is a difficult disease and choosing whether or not to pursue treatment is an even more difficult choice.  Cancer can affect many parts of the body and usually spreads as it progresses.  The symptoms you describe are common symptoms of lung cancer progression.  He can choose not to pursue curative or life extending treatments but he can still can get palliative care.  Palliative treatments are intended to minimize some of the symptoms you are describing, reduce pain and to help improve the quality of life he has left.  I’d also suggest counseling.  What he is experiencing could be a result of depression.  The physical toll that cancer takes on your body is equaled by the emotional one.  Addressing both will make things easier for him.

I’d also recommend support for yourself.  This group can provide some.  We will be here when you need us.  There are also often local support groups for caregivers.  

Hang in there.  

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Thank you for reply. You are si true. I feel bad at times thsnking he doesn't want to try and survive after 46 years of marriage to me. But then other times i get what hes saying. I do need to talk to someone quite often. Txs sgain.

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