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Progression on Tagrisso


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Hello all

I am grateful to have found this group! My wife was diagnosed with stage IV  NSCLC about 5 years and had been doing well on Tagrisso for nearly 3 years. Unfortunately she is showing signs of progression in the most recent CT scan. I know adding standard chemo would be an option. Her liquid biopsy report shows T790 m and L858R alterations. 

What are our best options? Are there any ongoing  trials with combination therapy  with Tagrisso? I would be grateful if someone can guide us to any center with  special interest in cases of Tagrisso resistance

Best regards


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Hi Mike 

I would recommend you contact the GO2 Foundation (formerly the Bonnie J Addairo Foundation).  They are an excellent advocacy group that is very familiar with a EGFR.  Prayers to your family...


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I note you live in Maryland. If you are close to Bethesda, you may want to reach out to the National Institute of Health facility at Bethesda.  They are doing groundbreaking work on targeted therapy and immunotherapy. Here is some information about them and how to contact them.

Stay the course.


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It is odd that Tagrisso is supposed to target T790M and L858R as the next line of treatment and developed those mutations and resistance from a 2G drug (Tarceva).  But I have seen others who develop resistance and find those mutations after using tagrisso, exactly like your wife, Mike.  I know dacomitinib (Vizimpro) may be an option for you as a second line.  There are clinical trials out there for daco for resistance stemming from Tagrisso.  I have a support group friend who developed a resistance due to a different mutation, not C797S or the ones your wife has.  But the trial is for Daco to be used as second line upon Tagrisso progression.  

Check it out.  https://clinicaltrials.gov/ct2/show/NCT03755102

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