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Head & Neck, Mets to Lung

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2008, tonsil cancer, surgery, 3 cisplatin, 35 rads, NED for 7 years

2015, total laryngectomy and total glossectomy, surgery, NED

2017, two 1CM nodules found in right lung, surgery, NED

2018, one 2CM nodule found in right lung, surgery, NED

2019, on Opdivo (immunotherapy) for next two years. 

I have been told that your cancer is defined by where it originated, so technically it's H&N cancer.  Nobody has called it "small cell" etc. 

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2002 Throat cancer  35 rads,

2003 total laryngectomy

2017 nodule in tight lung and lymph nodes 35 rads and chemo

2018 Now on the last five Duvalumab Infusions (immunotherapy) For the last year Nearly there. lol

I was told it it very rare H&N cancer travels.?

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Refreshing to know that there are others just like me (almost). 

I find it interesting you had rads BOTH in the H&N area and lungs. I was told that I could not have rads in the H&N area again because they used heavy doses, but I don't think it's ruled out as an option for lung nodes if they recur. It has not been suggested as an option for the past two lung node episodes. 

What I have been told by oncologist is that if H&N cancer travels, it will most commonly be to lungs.  Brain would be my worst fear.



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Yes i was under the same impression about radiation the second time, and asked, they checked my records from the previous and the location was far enough away to allow radiation on my lung.

Yes the key is to stop the cancer spreading and that is the main goal of Duvalumab .

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Thank you.  I am early in the learning curve to see how to make the most of this site. 

It appears there may be others with circumstances similar enough to mine to "chat" with and learn from, which I look forward to.


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