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No brain mets for Dad!!

Angie Daughter of Bill

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I took my Dad to his oncologist today for the results of a brain CT.....no mets found in brain!!! YEAHHHHHHHH!!!!!! My Dad will be getting an MRI on Sunday to be sure the hot spots that showed on the PET scan are truly cancer. (On his spine) Hoping......praying........maybe it is something else showing on his spine.????????? I was so happy about the CT results that I couldn't think of anything to ask the Dr. I wonder, IF the MRI shows that the hot spots are NOT cancer in his spine if Dad would then be a candidate for surgery??????? Oh what praises I would give to God if that turned out to be true!!!!!!! Not getting my hopes up, just trying to be positive!

Right now, the suggested treatment is Carbo/Taxol and Zometa, then Iressa. Dad is thinking very hard about the chemo...........not sure if he wants to go that route. Dad will decide next week when he sees the Dr. Whatever he decides, I will be right there with him.

I hope you all have a blessed day!!

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Wow, great news! Tell your Dad that with all the premeds, chemo is not the nightmare it once used to be, many of us have found it to be easier to deal with than we thought it would be. He might want to take it one round at a time, ie: do 1 round and see how he handles it, then he can step back or go forward from there. Anyhow, great news about the no brain mets. Prayers going out for both you and your Dad.



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Angie, I am new here, so haven't posted much. But I've been reading your posts about your Dad while going through all this testing procedures with my Mom.

I can feel your excitement right through my computer! So I had to post to tell you how happy I am for your good news. Isn't is wonderful to find all the supportive people that are here?

Hugs to you,


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