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Good bye MacDonald's and Subway!


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Started my Anti Cancer diet yesterday. I had to say goodbye to most of the food and drinks that were in my former life. 

   No longer can I have sugar or any processed foods anymore. And that covers 99% of the foods I ate in my former life..My main food yesterday was fresh cooked pinto beans with a small.piece of salmon to go along with it. My snacks were Pinto beans with a tiny dash of sucrose and hot sauce. Mainly my eating was limited yesterday because my wife who is fantastic is going shopping to get I everything I need to have a variety of food to eat and stay on my diet. 

   Diet soda which was a great luxury of mine for years is gone. I pretty much will be drinking plain water and sparkling water with a touch of flavor. 

  You can also count as my diet all the suppliments I take most of which are in pill form. There actually are so many pills and powders that if gravy were allowed on my diet I could put them on a dish and have them with the gravy.

  But the diet is one of the few things I have that puts me in control of my disease. 

   So good bye former life. My new life is here


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If Chemo is in your treatment plan you may want to put on some extra pounds prior, I put on twelve pounds prior and glad i did. I was told during treatment eat as much as you like and as much as you can. All depends on the chemo dosage how a individual reacts.

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Thanks for the heads up. I am very over weight but I went to my psychiatrist yesterday who used to be a surgeon and I told him that I was trying to gain weight and he actually approved of it. I started my diet yesterday so I am going to have to figure out how to gain weight without sugar.

     Right now I am still in my first diagnostic process. I have give or take 5 or 6cm mass that was PET scan positive along with 1 positive lymph node. Tommorow I have an appointment with the thoracic surgeon to set up something to get bigger pieces of biopsy. I had a needle biopsy but with the positive PET scan they want a bigger biopsy. 

    But either way I am sure that chemo is on the way 😱

     I am learning how to live the LC life style so I am going with the flow.

    I thank my God so much for my wife who is very involved with my new life style. It looks like she really wants me around for a while!

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Well today is the first day I have been a vegetarian.  My main plate was black beans to get my protein. I had a side of broccoli that was awesome. I don't plan on going without any kind of meat every day. But I plan on having a bit of meat on the plate. My wife got me some frozen salmon steaks. I have also been living on white solid tuna. I don't know how much good the diet will do but at least I am doing something. 


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