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I don't know if this the right place for this, but I would appreciate help/advice in finding a person or people in who live near me to talk over a cup of coffee (and maybe a muffin!).  I would prefer not to travel to far.  Any hints on how to go about this would be greatly appreciated.   Thanks

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Hi there- 

You might want to check with the oncology social worker to let him/her know of this interest.  Another good source might be the local chapter of the American Lung Association.   There is a local chapter of the American Cancer Society which might be helpful  

Let your nurse know as well- they might be able to do some matching up   

At my clinic, we have a cancer support services organization with all kinds of interesting things to do.  The yoga ladies are a blast!  

You might not to limit your search to lung cancer, initially I was looking for people like me, at that point I realized how rare ALK is. I broadened my quest for buddies and learned as cancer survivors we all have a lot in common. 

I’ve met the most amazing people over the last six months!


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I don't have an answer for you regarding an in person meeting, but LUNGevity offers a Lifeline Support program that can match you with a peer who may have a similar diagnosis and/or have gone through similar issues.  Most of the time, people speak over the phone or emails.  But they may have someone in your area that can get together for coffee.  Here is the website:


Take Care,


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