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Saw My Thoracic Surgeon Today


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 Starting from the beginning May 20 pulmonary Dr sent me stat to the ER because of severe lung pain when I coughed.He thought that it was heart attack or embolism. After CT scan in the ER I was told that I had a 5.5 mass on right lung. A needle biopsy came back negative but the oncologist sent me to a PET scan. PET scan turned up positive on the mass with what I thought was one positive lymphnode but ended up to be a whole group of lymphocytes. He mentioned that it may be stage 3 something. He sent me to a thoracic surgeon.

   The surgeon today was great. It was obvious that he really understood what goes on in the chest and instead of a doctor that could merely read a report,this surgeon was actually able to understand the CT and PET scan.

   The bad part is that I have now been emotionally bounced all over the place. The surgeon wanted a newer CT scan and he ruled nothing out. He said that when he sees the new CT scan that the results could mean that I don't even need a bronchoscopy because the pneumonia is resolving along with the mass. He also went to the other extreme and said that if it was cancer it was inoperatable. 

    The new CT scan is this Friday. So I have been emotionally been bounced all over the place. It was placed in my head that I probably had a cancer that may have been at a stage that was operable. Now I am going to go under general anesthesia for the bronchoscopy and when I wake up it will advanced local either small or nsclc. The surgery is a week from Friday. 

   I am an emotional mess and trying to adjust to my new circumstances.

  BTW,On the CT scan the surgeon said that my right diaphragm was pulled way up on my original CT scan. He said that it may have been caused by the mass pushing on a nerve.


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Hi irwin, "Inoperable" sounds scary, but it's not the same thing as "untreatable". If it turns out you have cancer and aren't a candidate for surgery, there are a LOT of other treatment our there, and new ones are being approved often. So, hang in there and don't get ahead of yourself. I know that's hard to do. I wish you all the best.


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Thank you for the encouragement! I think I should appreciate that I can have some sort of treatment. But it is very kind that you took the time to reply to me. May God bless you for this!

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Hi Irwin-

Bridget is right on.  Unfortunately this whole process sends everyone down a dark path.  Until the surgery next week you’re only job is to take care of yourself.   Whatever it is you love to do, if you are able, get out and do it. You probably have a couple more weeks before you have the final diagnosis and treatment plan. Be kind to yourself, you’ve learned many great coping skills over the years so in that case you’re ahead of the game.  


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Again my guardian angel is here to the rescue. Us both being in the medical field I came here because I was emotionally coding.. Before and while this happened we had out of town guests living with us all spring. So with them being present I wasn't allowed to cave emotionally. They left last week and my wife has gone to work leaving me alone for 8 hours a day to cope with my new reality. 

  Then I get your reply and it is just perfect. Sometimes I wonder if you are a professional psychologist who knows how to deal with cancer patients. But of course this is rediculous to.think because a trained professional psychologist would not be as good at giving advice like you 😇

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