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Woke up very sick


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Woke up very sick.. Nausea, feels like I have a fever but I don't. Feels like flu but no upper respiratory symtoms or sore through. No runny nose.. but very weak. *Please pray* that I am not going to come down with pneumonia again. 

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Feeling better as the day went on. I have no idea why I was so sick earlier. Maybe it has to do with the cancer. I don't know what cancer feels like. 

   Someone also told me that it takes time to get totally better from pneumonia

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Pneumonia can take a long time to recover from.  Early stage cancer often doesn’t feel like anything.  That’s what makes it so difficult to catch early.  As the tumor grows it can affect breathing and cause discomfort and pain in the area it is, especially if it is leaning on airways or nerves or major bloods vessels.

 I hope you are feeling better.  

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