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Real or anxiety induced


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I like to think of myself as a level headed person, but I think I tend to suppress certain emotions. As I get closer to treatment, I am finding that I am having more shortness of breath, but thinking that anxiety is the cause. As an ex home health nurse, I do have a pulse oximeter and can check my oxygen saturation level. When I am feeling particularly sob, I often find my number 95 or above. I look at my palms, they are pink, nail beds, pink too. I had this sob issue years ago when packing to move to a different city and I think it was stress related. Can anyone identify?

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Oh yeah.  I’m pretty much a cool cumber then along came cancer. Some days what you are describing comes out of nowhere without any obvious trigger. 

I started acupuncture 8 months ago under a very skeptical eye, coupled with Tai Chi/Gi Gong, it’s the only thing that keeps me on an even keel. 

The anti anxiety agents just made me sleepy ....

My Integrative oncologist indicated these feelings occur when our cells are not oxygenated.  He also recommended Dr Andrew Weil’s 4-7-8 breathing exercise. Takes about 1 minute twice a day. 

Totally normal.  

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MiI am the King of anxiety. And after a lifetime of living with it I can tell you that it's the master of deception when it comes to illness and symptoms.  I can't tell you when your symptoms are real or not. But I think that it's great that you have your pulse oximeter. I got one also 3 weeks ago just to give me the peace of mind that my respiration is good and pneumonia is under control. 

      I assume that you have a BP cuff. I would say that you can pretty much calm down when your BP is good. PO2 is good. No fever diarrhea and vomiting. 

   But my anxiety definitely can keep me concentrated on symptoms. So I give you the those famous words You are not alone in this!



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