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AWOL, but back with good news


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First things first--oncologist appt. after latest scan this morning.  All clear!  Originally the thought was that now, after two years post-surgery and cancer-free, the scans would drop back to yearly.  Onc tells me, though, that guidance has changed and now some recommend one more year of 6-month scans.  He prefers to take the conservative approach, so it will be six months for another year.  BUT he tells me this 2-year milestone is HUGE and he doesn't expect any further issues.  He also said there was a chance insurance would insist a 6-month scan not necessary at this point, and he wasn't particularly concerned about that--in that case, he said, a scan in a year seemed fine to him.

Sorry I haven't been around for the past several weeks.  Very busy both with work and with my latest obsession with the political process (which I won't get into here, other than to say there's a certain young Mayor from South Bend who is AWESOME).  I'll try to stop by as I am able to, but overall I'm happy to develop some new interests.  I barely thought about cancer until this morning--again, my lovely doc told me "Everything looks GREAT" before the door closed behind him.  :) 

Hope folks here are doing well--I'll try to catch up on the latest.

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I know, and I'm not minimizing unpredictability of this disease, but our situations were quite different.  Mine was VERY early, small, and slow-growing adenocarcinoma.  If my doc had seemed the least concerned about 6-mo scan not being approved, I'd be more concerned, too.  But I got the sense it was more a matter of, "well, some people think, so if we can get it, might as well," than "this is very important."  He was planning to move it out to a year as recently as six months ago.  I trust him.  If he's comfortable with it, so am I.

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Terri, it’s really good to hear from you. I was just thinking about you the other day and here you are. It’s great to hear how good you’re doing girl it gives all of us encouragement. 

I’ve been NED since my surgery but in the back of my mind I still worry it’s going to sneak back. 

Oh and politics is something I’ve tried to stay away from. It’s great your involved and finding new things to interest you.  

Take Care


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So very happy for you!  What struck me the most about your post is that you barely have given lung cancer a thought...I think that makes me the most happy.  So many are trying to get to that point and you have...I'm a bit jealous!

I noticed your absence and hoped that you were on some fabulous adventure and enjoying some great live music!

Take Care,


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Terri... I have been AWOL as well, but really not for the most interesting of reasons...ha!  Just keeping busy - and it does take ones mind off of LC for a bit! 

I had to click on your profile to find your most recent post... I am thrilled to hear you are still doing well. THAT is encouraging. Your such a vibrant and giving person - that is apparent from your contributions here - I just want that to continue for you.

Politics... Oh, we love to talk about politics here at home and have been getting involved in some politically-relevant groups here locally!  Whatever it is you are up to, I'm sure it will be interesting and I am sure you will bring a lot of passion to it!

Made my day to know you are doing well :-)  I will need to post an update on my last scan (Aug).  Not going back (per my surgeon's advice) for 8 months - so April 2020. Watching an upper left lobe nodule. Hasn't grown (5mm) but might be getting more dense. Surgeon was quite calming / reassuring with me last visit. Asked me to trust him, asked if I could "wait" 8 months vs 6 months as he does not think this will change much... but will still give him/us time to decide what to do if it has changed (small wedge surgery or possibly radiation).  Of course, I don't want either, but grateful he's watching this...

Hope to continue to hear good news from your end!


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