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Vaping Marijuana? Bad side effects?


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Hi everyone,

My dad has stage 4 small cell lung cancer. We recently found out he has been vaping medical marijuana because he doesn’t believe there are any dangers in it. Since he started began vaping, he has had sore throats off and on, but says he doesn’t think there is any harm in vaping and that he doesn’t get the same effect when ingesting edibles or any other form of pot. His nurse seemed to say it was fine but without discussion with the rest of his medical team. 


Luckily, at the moment my dad says he is not in any pain and the growths in his lungs have shown dramatic shrinkage with treatment. We all just want the best possible prognosis for him, so any and all thoughts/advice on this topic are appreciated. There seems to be little research out there regarding the dangers of vaping marijuana with a lung cancer diagnosis.






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