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Test time again next Tues


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Hi. We saw the oncologist yesterday, we were expecting 5th round of chemo. Instead he decided it was time to get my mom rescanned again to check for blood clot status. If blood clots regressed, we evaluate for surgery. He said there is a point of diminishing returns with too much chemo......but if she is not a candidate for surgery or surgeon is busy for awhile, we will do another round.

They are also doing a special scan I never heard of, something with the name ventrical in it, which tests the lung functions between the two lungs and which will evaluate how she will be without a right lobe. I need to find the name to do more research on the test.

Scans are Tues Feb 17. Onc wanted her to see surgeon late next week, but surgeon is on vacation, so we see surgeon Feb 23, the day after my wedding :) My ideal wedding gift would be my mom's lung in a jar :)

Onc also mentioned two new drugs being approved and out on market March 20. To be honest, the names went over my head, but I will do research on that as well. One has to do with gene therapy. Does anyone here have info on new drugs?

It seems like next week is a big week for lots of, many are getting scans. May the deamons of cancer be regressing!!

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Here's praying for great results for your mom's scans. Hope all goes well and she is a candidate for surgery. Look forward to hearing the GREAT results. Please keep us posted.

Also, I am in the process of getting approval to go to Hoag for my fourth opinion. I really need a lung specialist. Need your prayers that the insurance and medical group will approve. Otherwise I will change to a doctor in Orange County that uses Hoag. Also, Hoag doe RFA...

God Bless and always in my prayers.


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