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Bronchoscopy, Recovey


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Last night I slept well after the bronchoscopy. Woke up and I can hardly tell that I had it done.

    But I am having a lot of anxiety over my O2 saturation and resting heart beat. The Dr noticed that during the procedure that my saturation was going low. That's one of the reasons I went on CPAP at home. But last night without the CPAP I was headed down to 87 and 88 % when I was going to sleep without the CPAP and with the CPAP 90-93. My resting heart beat was close to 90 up from in the 70s

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For future reference the bronchoscopy with general anesthesia can affect oxygen saturation and heart rate. Mine have finally gone back to normal TG. They were pretty nasty when I went to sleep last night. 

  Still waiting on pathology and my results. 


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Oh. No! No milk shakes here. I am overweight when I they first found the mass on May 20. Seeing that losing weight is a symptom I went on a big pig out for over a month. Now that they have all the biopsies I started my low carb diet this morning. 

   So now I know why I am going up.and down the walls here. The intensity involved with the results is a withdrawal from being without milk shakes!

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