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Lung Cancer & Antioxidants: New Research

Rower Michelle

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Hi All-

I’m going to speak to my doctors about this and wondering if you all have an opinion?  Interestingly my Integrative Oncologist discontinued my Vitamin E supplement when I was diagnosed but I’m wondering if any changes will be coming from the protocol supplement.  

Any insights are appreciated! 


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Thanks for the link. Interesting article. I’ve been wondering if there is a way to starve cancer of glucose. Seems to be their main energy source and cancer cells certainly consume more than their share as shown by PET scans.

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Interestingly enough after this study came out I contacted my liver specialist about it.  I take very high doses of Vitamin E because 5 years ago there was a small study that showed taking 800 dose pill or more a day kept people with liver disease stable.

Anyway- after this study came out I contact my hepatologist about it since I am someone at risk for lung cancer too.  He told me I should stop taking it because it has little benefit anyway and most supplements provide very little benefit and some all natural and synthetic supplements can actually cause more harm than good.  He recommends getting nutrients from foods when possible.

Doesn't really answer the question about whether it promotes metastasis but I definitely suggest chatting with your oncologists about the pros and cons of it.

Oh, and after 5 yrs I've made the decision to stop my vitamin E.  


Keep us posted!

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