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Power washing


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Four months out from a right upper lobe lobectomy and I’m happy to report that power washing the patio in 80 degree weather is NO problem.  I would never have guessed that when I first learned I was going to have surgery. I was sure I’d be wheezing and short of breath the rest of my life.  I’m happy to report that life’s mundane chores are still possible...and less mundane now.  My wife’s even happier to report it.  I may need to learn to play this lobectomy thing up a bit more.  




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Congratulations!  Only your family here would really understand the magnitude of this milestone!  Getting back to “normal”’things.  You’ve probably never been happier to do chores on a holiday weekend!! 

Under the never thought it would be possible, I got into my racing shell yesterday, had to stay in the 300 meter cove, but yowza, I didn’t flip!  Not pretty but still way better than a casual recreation rower!  

Here’s to doing the never thought possible! Cheers!  

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A racing shell is what you see in the Olympics, my boat is 25ft long, 11 inches wide, painted the color of a Dodge Prowler- purple sparkles- oh and he name- TROUBLEMAKER. 🤪

We have a double named Widowmaker- haha.   Beautiful morning watching the blue herons fly around. Next week I might make it out of the cove but I have to go to Iowa City to interview a new hippie doctor.  Ugh!  


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