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shot after first chemo treatment?


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My Mom just finished her first 3 days of chemo -Carbo/VP16. No ill effects yet, just a little tired. Great appetite, we'll have to see how the rest of the week plays out.

The nurse said she has to come back in to the office tomorrow, the 4th day for a shot after the 3 days of chemo. Any idea what it could be...the office is closed and I don't want to call the "on-call" doc.


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Guest hhamadyk


I don't know for sure, but it sounds like it could be a shot of Procrid or Nuprigen to keep her red and white blood cell counts up. Its common practice after a chemo treatment. I know with my mother keeping her blood cell counts regulated has helped ease some of the side effects from the chemo treatments.

Hope this helps!


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Got the answer tonight! You are all in the right ball park...Neulasta. As you all said, it helps with the blood counts, I guess, particularly the bone marrow suppression. I think the nurse said it lasts for 2 weeks getting you thru that period after chemo when your marrow is "lazy" and supressed. Guess it jump starts some production for a critical period of time.

Thanks, everything is so new, and as you know happens so fast. It's great to have you all to share with and run things by.

Thank you, and keep us in your thoughts.


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