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In 2011 I was diagnosed with Lung cancer it returned in  January 2019 because I had radioaction the IO could not have it again. I am on   keytruda  experience memory.  I think it may be caused by the treatments.  Has anyone else had this probles.




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I've not really heard of many people having issues with memory from immunotherapy.  Are you receiving chemo along with the immunotherapy? If so, chemo brain is a thing, some can suffer for quite awhile once chemo ends.  No matter what the cause, if you haven't already, be sure to share your memory troubles with your docs.

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I never had any memory issues with Immunotherapy, but did at the early onset on my cancer from a Brain Met.  I would ask about having a new/current Brain MRI, if you have not had one recently.   Most Lung Cancer patients have them on a routine basis.


I had no other symptoms or warning until a very sudden onset of what I first thought was vertigo.  Two days later after an urgent head CT scan we found a brain tumor and I lost my speech and use of my right arm and hand within hours.  I was immediately hospitalized and after a week in a Neuro unit and multiple tests, I learned that the brain tumor was actually a met from Stage IV Lung Cancer (Adeno).  Thankfully, it was treated very successfully by Cyberknife and I've had no long term issues and no recurrence.  I did have some short term memory issues for the first couple of months and also some neuro changes from the edema in my brain.  Thankfully, they are all clear now and I am doing well.


Best wishes to you,


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