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It’s back and We are so scared


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Hi again. I don’t even know what to think with all the results given today. Multiple soft tissue masses /lymph nodes throughout the chest. Non specific focal hypermetabolic  activity in the left adrenal for which metastatic disease is not excluded. What does that mean????

and the MRI is bony metastatic disease involving L5 vertebral body extending into right pedicle with tumor extension into right paravertebral soft tissues and right L5-S1 foramen. 😩 

I need help in what to do moving forward. Waiting to see neurosurgeon but I’m so perplexed how we got to this point in less than 3 months!!! We need to beat this shi_. Please help me and tell me what I need to be asking and doing!

and prayers


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Ok, understand.

From your description, it appears he has Stage IV cancer. In order to treat, he needs to have a biopsy so keep asking his doctors when he's scheduled for that procedure.  Also ensure his biopsy sample is submitted for further laboratory testing to check for tumor and immunotherapy markers. So keep asking about a biopsy.

The tumor in his spine is obviously causing pain but there a precision radiation procedure (SBRI or IMRT) may be able to zap this tumor and eliminate his pain. I'd ask for a consultation with a radiation oncologist unless the neurosurgeon feels a surgery solution is possible. But doctors are reluctant to operate when tumors are located in multiple places.

Of course, I'm praying and hoping you get a biopsy validated diagnosis so a treatment plan can be designed.

Stay the course.


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I understand where you’re at- hang on until those biomarker studies come in. In the interim, the medical team may do the treatment plan in stages. Stay focused on what’s next in the battle plan- there’s always options available.  You want to know ALL that’s available, even if there are clinical trials.  Unfortunately it’s horrible a waiting game.  

Hoping you can have a better day tomorrow.  Keep us posted. Will continue to pray for you.   


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