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Itchy Rash

Terri L

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Have any of you developed an itch rash after immunotherapy?  I look like I have the measles on just 1 part of my body. The Dr said to take a benadryl last night and if it changes without going away they will want to see me.  What scares me is Monday is my second treatment and since the last one made me feel so much better, I'm scared they will hold off on it.  I just took another one so will probably sleep the day away, and it just dawned on me that someone here may have had the rash.

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Terri - A rash/itchy skin is one of the most common side effects of immunotherapy.  My mom even had skin pigment changes on her thighs for about the 1st 6 months.  I've not heard of treatment being delayed because of the rash, but depending on the severity, it could be a possibility.  Unfortunately, my mom never found anything that worked to stop the itching besides Benadryl.  If you are getting the rash, you will probably get the dry skin too - Aveeno body wash and lotion (get the one with the oatmeal in it), helped dramatically.  There are generic brands available for a much cheaper price and Costco carries the larger bottles of Aveeno.  Use a soft sponge rather than a loofah or wash cloth.  There are other topical creams you can try too that your doc might be able to recommend.  This may be a temporary or on going side effect, everyone is different.  Sorry you are having to deal with it - the itchy skin drove my mom crazy (crazier than usual).

Take Care,


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