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Disgusted, confused..............


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At first they said heart attack, then they said after stress test that reduced heart function to 70%, has to be a blockage, then they said it was a disecting heart aneurism, had chest ct scan..........

well it wasn't. Here I sit severe,excruciating upper back pain, left arm same way, chest, same way, any exertion causes breathing problems, , the old bod is over tired and all I can do is wonder and wait.........

I suppose eventually someone will get it said, and I know I haven't received the rept. from the cheat ct as dr is out of town, but that doesnt take away the disgust or confusion..........

Thank you for letting me vent..................

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Thank you for responding, they did a heart cath, said that was ok, that came before the ct scan........

The meds have been nitrostat, which they said i could stop, and something for my blood?, all the cardio gave me, they said I could stop, but internist said it made since to him, when the nitrostat helped a bit........

Anguish, yes, but more confused I think, I am worsening, and can't figure out what to do.........

Thank you again

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Joyce, I don't have a medical answer for you, but I just wanted to offer you some support and say that I'm sorry you are in pain. And I understand the frustration regarding diagnosis, I'm going through that with my Mom's cancer. It is stressful.

I hope that your pain subsides soon, and that you get the answers you certainly need and deserve.


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Hi Joyce,

Sounds like you need to see another doctor. I had abdominal pain in March that was misdiagnosed as a hematoma (sp?). Then had a major heart attack in June resulting in a triple by pass. The pain I had with that was limited to the chest. When they got inside also found an aneurysm. After all of that they was diagnosed with stage IV cancer that I am dealing with.

Having had some of the same symptoms, doubt, fear and anguish. All that I can tell you is that you need a doc that will give you the straight story. Don’t know what type of insurance you have but you should not have to go through all of this doubt about what your condition is. Pain is something that can be treated. The emotional side is a different thing. Here you need faith and trust. Think getting another doctor would help in that department. Once you know what the problem is you can deal with it.

My prayers are with you,


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