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Just wanted somones opinion on this. Jan 2003 my mom had a heart attack they found a tumor on her right lung (6x7cm) they told her due to another small spot 1 cm above the adrenal gland they said surgery and radiation were not an option. She was told she has anywhere from 12-18 for a life expectancy. And that she was in stage 3 maybe 4. She was given chemo (taxol and carboplatin). She got very angry at them not giving her radiation and went to a clinic where she recieved low dose radiation. 3rd appt back at mayo they told her the tumor has shrunk from 6x7 to 3x4. and that 1 out of 5 people who have lung cancer have the cancer/tumor go away completely and by the way the tumor is responding to the chemo that she could be this 1 out of 5 people. Does it not seem strange that they would go from telling her she is in stage 3 to 4 and has only 12-18 months at best to live and then tell her 1 to 2 months later she may erradicate the cancer all together. And she could go on to live a normal cancer free life? To me it was a little overwhelming and almost unbelievable they would go from one extreme to another. Does anyone have an opinion. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!

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I think you will find that there is always room for error on this diagnosis. Sad but very true. Just 6 months ago, a lesion appeared on my liver and the doctor said I had 6 months to live. Guess what? On the next CT scan, the lesion was gone.

Only God knows for sure when our time is up. The doctors try to give it their best shot and work from statistics.

Good Luck and God Bless

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