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NSCLC and still no symptoms


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My Onc says I’m running out of options as the Gemzar I have been on for 9 mos is causing my blood numbers not to bounce back as they used to. I may switch over to docetaxel. It has been two years since discovering nsclc by incendental discovery, I am still without symptoms even though I met the criteria for stage IV..The Onc says there are  not too may patients like me !! I have run through my chemo options including a failed Keytruda. I can choose docetaxel, a break or try for a trial. Hmmm, what to do ...

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Indeed, what to do -- a terribly preceptive question!

You might tells us about the location and size of remaining tumors. Did Gemzar effect tumors at all? It does often reduce or eliminate some NSCLC tumors. Has your oncologist mentioned "spot welding" (frying by precision radiation) widely spread tumors.  Many Stage IV lung cancer survivors with stubborn tumors are trying this treatment.  Precision radiation also triggers the Abscopal effect that may help trigger your immune system into attacking tumors. Here is information on the effect.

One more thing, the National Institute of Health often has treatments options that may work.  Here is information about their intramural treatment approach and contact points. 

Stay the course.


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