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What’s next update!!

Road bum

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Sorry I didn’t get back here sooner. I have had my scan and got my results. 

The results are good. I have had a total of ,6 Cms shrinkage while on the Taxotere.

I’m scheduled to see my Doc again in a week and a half. Mainly to see how I’m doing with the side effects after having some time off from the treatments.

i have to say I would feel great if I could get rid of the neuropathy. That is the only thing keeping me down now, I feel great other than that.

Best news would have been NED but I will take what I got and keep on keeping on.


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Hey Ron

Shrinkage is good news!  Killing those suckers little by little.   Neuropathy sucks, Some folks go with CBD on their feet.  Let us know what the doc has to say later this month.  Keeping you in my prayers too.  Hugs!


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