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Hair shedding, do’s and don’ts (Maybe)


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Normally I comb out the loose hairs before showering and shampooing. Well today I decided to do the opposite and thought the conditioner would help the loose hairs slip right out using a very wide tooth comb. WRONG!!!! This is definitely a DON”T DO. What I have now is knot free hair at the top and sides of my head and a rats nest all along the bottom. Almost looks like one big dreadlock all across my bottom hair. Letting it air dry to see if I can remedy the situation. Definitely a learning situation.

Do: remove loose hairs before showering.

Don’t try to remove loose hairs while hair is wet. 

Blessings to all.

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When mine started really falling out I cut it short. I finally got tired of hair everywhere and ended up shaving it. 

Its really hot in August so I did bare look with hats. My hair grew back really curly. 

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A new tip. Lots of loose short hairs in my caps, yuck!! Turned inside out and a lint roller worked great. Sooooo, I look at the short ones on my head and, you guessed it, I used the lint roller all over my head and it took care of the short loose ones without pulling on the ones that were still embedded. DO NOT use the lint roller if you hair is more than about 1/2 inch please. Blessings to all.

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