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Whole Brain Radiation

Anna K

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Hi Everyone, 

I submitted a topic a week or two ago regarding my dads situation but I wanted to post again regarding just WBRT. Long story short - my dads cancer was caught in stage 4 and had already spread to numerous locations in his brain. He does have the EGFR mutation so they started him on Tagrisso, only a few days in though he became very dizzy and they suspect this is the brain mets, so they stopped the chemo pill and now he is doing WBRT. He is doing it everyday for 10 days straight. He just finished day 8 today (almost done!!) I'm curious if anyone has had WBRT (or known someone who did) and what their experience was like. My dad is feeling VERY down because he has had no symptom improvement (still very dizzy) and is now incredibly fatigued. He can hardly walk from the car into his doctors office. This was not the case for him 10 days ago. This is really scarying him. I'm trying to remain hopeful and believe that his new fatigue is just side effects due to WBRT and will improve eventually. So - from any experiences you have had with this treatment...does my dads condition sound normal? I would love to instill some hope in him and share stories of current survivors who once where he is now. Any and all input is appreciated! THANKYOU!

Side note - They plan to put him right back on Tagrisso once WBRT is completed. I'm hopeful that with both the chemo pill and WBRT the brain mets can be taken care of. 

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Hi Anna-

You might want to check in on Facebook, there’s a vibrant EGFR community where someone may have had a similar experience.  It’s great the targeted therapy will be restated.  Since it does pass the blood brain barrier it may be just the boost your Dad needs.  Please keep us posted.  Hoping he turns the corner soon.  


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I’ve not had WBRT but know several who have. I’ve had both conventional and precision radiation. The former in the last two weeks of treatment drained my energy level. Those I know who had WBRT experienced a reduced energy level in the first week of treatment. So from my experience, his symptoms are normal and should end when treatment is complete. But, I hope your dad is telling the radiation technician about his symptoms. 

Stay the course. 


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