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Big day here...my dads ct scan shows shrinkage!!! yahoo....


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Every year my dad has given all his girls Valentines... :P he has again this year too...but the biggest Valentine we could have recieved from him is his news ast night that his ct scan shows that his turmors have shrunk. The biggest two of 2.5 cm have shrunk 1.5cm and the other three smaller tumors show shinkage too....YAHOO, I said to him when he called. I said "dad, in the cancer world out there that I belong to as a supporter...we celebrate this kind of news in a big way.." He just chuckled. If I was there now, with him, I'd bye huge balloons :D

It's such a nice bit of good news for him for a change....we're fighting for another Valentines Day where we share candy and cards with each other...I'm sooo happy... :D:!::!::!:

Have a great day of Love today...


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Hello everyone,

Such wonderful nice kind words you all have written. I planned on writing each of you back individually but instead I thought I'd give you a little piece of what helps relax my mind when I sit at my computer, when my eyes are tired from research. I don't know if you will think this is anything big but one day I was looking for skin care products for my dad when he was going through radiation. I was searching on any skin care site that might have something to help sooth his skin and I ran across this website...it's not the products that I found here that I liked but it was the calming music that this site has. And the suttle visuals. Click on the name Ernolaslo in the right hand bottom corner and the visuals change. Then at the left of the name Ernolazlo is a small moving sound icon I guess it would be called. It moves with the music sounds, click on that and the music changes. This is nothing big but sometimes I just close my eyes and meditate for a little while to the music or just watch the visual because of thier calming affect. Sure helps the mind relax...hope you enjoy... :)




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