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Starting new treatment again Wednesday


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Hello all...so my husband starts his  new treatment for his recurrence. He will be on Carboplatin/Abraxane with Keytruda.

praying he responds to treatment 🙏🏻 

I charted his symptoms when he had his infusions when he was initially diagnosed after he had a pneumonectomy. He was on cisplatin/taxotere.

Any one else on the above? What should we expect? Similar to the 1st course of treatment? Did everyone respond. BTW, he has no genetic markers...maybe that will have changed after these last biopsies? 

Thank you all for responding.


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Hi Moonbeam-

Initially I had Carbo/Alimpta /Keytruda before my biomarker testing came back.  After one shot I did have a CT scan which showed a response.  I’ve got a LC buddy here that’s been on maintenance Alimpta & Keytruda for a few years now.  She’s doing really well. 

My only regret of the Carbo is the constant ringing in my ears.  Lots of apps to help deal with it, so I don’t notice it as much.  

It sounds like a great care plan to me.  


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Hi Michelle! Thank you for responding. My husband is familiar with the ringing in the ears bc he had that on the cisplatin. They now say “he has an allergy to it”...lol At this point, he will take ringing in the ears to get this under control 🙏🏻 . Let’s say he doesn’t respond, are the other alternatives if no genetic markers?

hope you are well! Wish we lived closer :)


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We used to live in Pembroke Pines for 7 years so I feel like we are kinda sorta neighbors.  In terms of what’s next- looks like there’s lots of clinical trials going with expanded criteria therefore open to more people.  Personally I think we’re close to an immunotherapy type of break through.  One of the local LungForce Hero’s in KC is a 13 year survivor with no mutation. The chemo/immune has worked for each of her periodic recurrences.  Keep your eyes peeled to the ASCO website and clinical trials.gov! 

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