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pathology report from bronchoscopy/EBUS


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Good Morning all. I just went online and the pathology report from my husband's bronchoscopy / EBUS procedure was just put online...We are headed over today as my husband starts chemo/immunotherapy tomorrow morning. This was taken from his station 7 lymph node. It says "the patient's history of non-small cell carcinoma of lung is noted. The smears show malignant cells in a background of necrosis and very rare Lymphocytes ???? What does that mean? "very rare lymphocytes"

It goes on to say: Immunohistochemical stains with adequate controls performed on the cell block sections, show the neoplastic cells to be positive for CK5/6 and focally and weakly positive for synaptophysin.

Thank you for any help or information as to what that means. :)

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His surgeon called me. They were all cancer cells in his lymph nodes. Meaning the majority were cancer cells. 😩 can’t they say that!!!

chemo/immunotherapy tomorrow . Posted in immunotherapy and hoping to hear others who have been on my husband’s cocktail ;)

thank you all for always being there! LUNGevity has been a godsend!  

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