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Hi all,

I'm trying to create a discussion forum for those of us with the KRAS mutation.

With enough interest, I'm hoping we would start our own Summit like what ALK has done.

So, anyone out there with a KRAS mutation in lung cancer..this is the place. My specific mutation is KRAS G12D...There is some new research coming out but the latest research has only been for KRAS G12C...

Show your interest by responding.

Tom-Did I do this correctly??




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im new to Lungevity.  Usually check inspire.com daily.

i have NSCLC adenocarcinoma stage IV with the KRAS G12C mutation.

i am four years out from diagnosis.   Had left pneumonectomy 2015, adjuvant chemo one month later. 

SBRT in 2018

cancer spread from my remaining lung to a few lymphnodes and my pelvic bone

Now in clinical trial for a hopeful targeted therapy.  Six weeks in.









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@Jean Christensen -- Welcome here. I do hope your targeted therapy trial gets results. Could you tell details about your trial? Many with KRAS desire information about studies.

@AnnaB -- Welcome here. Understand your mutation is KRAS G12D. Can you give us details about your treatment?

Stay the course.


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Super psyched to hear from others with the KRAS mutation!!

Let's get the word out to get others involved. If you have a KRAS mutation maybe describing your current treatment plan would help others?

Also, what would others want to see discussed here?

Thanks again for responding!!




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Kras g12a. Rul sep 2010, clinical trial entinostat and 5azza 2010/2011. Sbrt both lungs 2014 and 2017, and cryosurgery jan 2019. Biopsy 2010 kras biopsy jan 2019 kras g12a. Invasive mucinous nsclc.

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