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My daughter, at age 42, found the love of her life (on a fishing boat but that’s a whole different story) and is getting married for the first time in October. She is an RN and her first job out of nursing school was at St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital in their bone marrow transplant unit. Because the children and their families are there for such long periods of time, there were several families she became very close to. She has remained friends with some for years. One child she took care of for over a year is now grown (Thank you St. Jude!) & got married 2 years in Guatemala. My daughter was invited to his wedding and at the reception in front of 400 guests, his parents introduced my daughter and thanked her for helping to save their son and making his wedding day possible. Quite an emotional experience for her. And now that she is getting married this young man and his wife are coming to her wedding! It will be a very special day for all of us for so many reasons and his presence is icing on the cake!

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