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Happy Valentine's scooter zooming happiness to one and all


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Happy Valentine's day to everyone one the board. Dean's heart is happy as we just got back from a zooooooooom of a approx 2.5 mile "scoot & walk". We'll be sending a photo of Dean on his scooter to Dr. "GEM" who made it possible and underneath write: "Palative Treatment" as Dean is so happy; except when it rained for about 2 hours this a.m.; but got then the sun came out around 3pm and it was a beautiful day going out and about (practicing being in stores) for an hour - I'm getting in shape, too. It's so nice to have a "happy Dean" again.

Love to you all; and a BIG thank you for all your support in the emotional rollercoaster ride of finally getting the scooter!

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Dear Gay, I'm so happy for you and your family. Last summer, I went to church for the first time in forever with Sam and my mom, Sam's wife Shirley, when they joined the church. The minister is a wonder speaker. His sermon was on miricles. Not the big grand ones, but the small ones that tend to go unnoticed by many busy people nowadays. Since, I try to as many small ones as possible.LOVES, Laura

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Are you going to be needing one of those fluorescent vests the guys who work on the Flight Lines have to wear so they aren't run over by the pilots as they taxi on the flight deck? I might be able to find one for you. Or maybe you could use some of the neon light tubes those same guys use after dark? :) We don't want Dean running over you or the cats.

Enjoy yourselves!

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WooHoo!! Great news!! So glad that Dean Carl has received that scooter and is having a great time! Enjoy! (ps- where is the picture posted of him on his new toy?)


Mom dx with sclc limited stage 0l-02

5 months chemo (carboplatin & etoposide), radiation, no pci

Recurrance 06-03 found with follow up c/t, chemo (carboplatin & etoposide) began then stopped due to severe reaction

07-03 pet scan concurred ca in sternum

09-03 ct shows ca spread

09-03 Three 28-day cycles of cisplatinum & cpt-ll

12-03 some tumors responding, began 2 more 28 day cycles cisplatinum & cpt-ll

01-04 CT showed no recent growth/no recent shrinkage. On 6 week break from any treatment. Will do another CT end of 02-04.

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So happy to hear that you and Dean had a great day. Please, don't let Dean wear you out scootin. He needs to remember your afoot, other wise he'll have to move over and share. This is a real pleaser, happy for the two of you...

God Bless, prayers and take care...


PS, The hubby and I will have to make it down your way for dinner sometime. Especially since Dean can now get around better...

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