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low hemoglobin


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Since ending chemo about 2 months ago my hemoglobin as been going down, it was fine all through chemo.  The latest one was 10.5.  My oncologist nurse asked me about 5 times if I've noticed any bleeding lately, which I haven't.  They're going to recheck in one month.  Before all this cancer and chemo crap, my labs were always fine.  So, I'm wondering what could be causing this.  I know there are a ton of things it could be, some are very scary.  Has anyone else had this happen?

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. Yes! But mine was faster. I had chemo for a non-lung cancer that I had prior to my lung cancer. My hemoglobin was OK during my chemo-- it was my neutrophils that went down. But around the end of my chemo (can't remember if it was just before or just after my last infusion), my hemoglobin started going down. It continued  to go down week by week. I had less and less energy was craving red meat- which I rarely eat. When it got to around 8.5, I  had a transfusion of packed red blood cells . By the next day, my energy was coming back,  and burgers no longer looked appetizing.  My hemoglobin came back up some and didn't crash again. I was told that this was something that sometimes happened with chemo.

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