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Treatment option for stage 4 lung cancer


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Hello Sir,

My uncle has recently been diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer which is further metastases into brain and from tomorrow he is going for radiotherapy for brain and spine.

Dr. in our city has suggested that after 10 radiation he will further proceed for chemotherapy.

I have no problem with treatment he is currently giving, but he has told only time left is 6 months to 1 year. as there are few option available like treated therapy and clinical trials.

is it possible to increase the survival by some other means if there please suggest,

I have attached the reports for your reference. what possibilities are there for his treatment in india.


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I don't have full knowledge of standard of care methods in India so my information may not align with Indian treatment methods or processes available.

Stage 4 lung cancer with metastasis to the brain is a serious disease.  Depending on the severity and extent of brain mets, whole brain radiation is normally a first treatment to address the most life threatening aspect first.  However, many patients in the US have a full diagnostic workup before starting treatment and this includes a biopsy of tumors or nodules to determine the type and subtype of lung cancer so a detailed chemotherapy treatment plan can be devised.  Here is more information on types of lung cancer. Your post does not identify your dad's type of lung cancer. Has your dad had a biopsy and if so, what is his type and subtype of lung cancer?

US biopsies are commonly performed in two ways: histology (under microscope) pathologist examination and follow on laboratory testing to determine suitability for Targeted Therapy and Immunotherapy.   So these treatment methods, if available in India, may substantially increase your dad's survival.  Immunotherapy in particular is showing very promising results. I do hope your dad's radiation treatment eliminates his brain mets.

Stay the course.



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