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CT result question

Sharon L.

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I suppose it depends on how long you've been a patient.

Some practices do not release test results until doctor consultation, some post test results online on patient portal and some practices call you.  Have you expressed a preference?

I've been seeing my oncologist for 15+ years. He texts me and for 13 years, it was a 3 letter text -- NED.  Make sure your medical team knows how you want to be informed.

Stay the course.


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This was one of the toughest things for us. My husband's PET scan was done the week prior to his doctor going away on vacation for two weeks. Although the results were back before the doctor left, we couldn't get in for an earlier consult and they refused to release the results over the phone. We ended up getting the results directly from the medical center and then playing Dr. Google. Not ideal. So we basically knew the situation we were facing two weeks before being advised by the doctor that it was cancer.

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I discussed my distress over waiting almost a week and my oncologist is allowing me to schedule my CT scans for the day before I see her. A report is different than looking at the images which is so much more informative and I’ve been misled when I only see a report.

This will make my life so much easier! It does not hurt to ask..my oncologist is super busy but very warm and accommodating so I’m very fortunate.

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