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The Call From A US Senator’s Office!

Rower Michelle

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Hi All,

A 202 area code phoned this morning, normally I don’t answer unknown numbers due to robo call overload.  Glad I did— it was a legislative staffer from US Senator Jerry Moran’s office phoning to thank me for me the lung cancer funding advocacy letters! This staffer lost her Grandpa to lung cancer last year. 

So I used the opportunity to advocate for two more issues we all struggle with: the high cost of  our various medications & treatment as well as our  HEALTH INSURANCE DISEASE.   

I suggested Senator Moran sponsor new legislation for a Patient Bill of Rights, whereby anyone with advanced cancer would receive the benefit payment for treatment plans recommended by our physicians.  We’re all sick and tired of messing with the insurance companies!  They are stepping over a dollar to pick up a dime while enjoying record profits! 

I invited the Senator to be a speaker at our KC Living with Lung Cancer Support Group too.  

Not sure if anything will come from the call however I will keep writing letters! 


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So glad you answered that phone call. Good going!!! I recently sent a letter to one of our govt officials, who is also an MD. The letter referenced the benefits the commercially insured get in being able to take advantage of major discount savings on very expensive drugs. The discounts given by the manufacturers and other philanthropic groups have to offer cannot be taken advantage of my Medicare beneficiaries. In other words, if you are a Medicare beneficiary, you qualify for no assistance due to anti kick back laws. It is not like we receive Medicare for free!!!


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