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update on my father


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Hello Friends,

It sure has been a difficult month. One month ago today my father went in the hospital with pneumonia, stayed for two weeks, came home for one and now has been in the medical center for two weeks.

Since then we found out, no more chemo, he needed too many transfusions from his one Gemzar session. No radiation, tumor has grown too close to the node he had radiated back in November. So, we pray for a miracle or that Iressa is for him. He has been taking it since Wednesday. He does have some itching that he needed Benadryl for - do you think thats a good sign? I also want to get him to the nutrition/vitamin doc as soon as he is strong enough. Im praying that is where he can be healed too.

They talked to us about hospice, explaining we shouldnt be put off by the word, that it is not a death sentence, there are people that become stronger and dont need hospice anymore. We are praying my father is

one of them. You are the first people I am even saying it to, because I know you understand. I cant bring myself to say it to the people in my life.

Every day he is improving and is certainly better than he was a month ago when he went in for pneumonia.

Any prayers for him are so very much appreciated by our whole family.

You are prayed for every night as well. I love you guys. Thank you again to those of you who sent me cards, I would come home after a long day at the hospital and find them on my table, it meant so much.

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I'm sorry to hear your father has had such a rough time. Here is hoping he gets better soon.

I went on hospice immediatly it was decided my cancer was in-operable and I wasn't a good candidate for heavy chemo or radiation. They have been a HUGE help for both Gay and I. My nurse comes to my home every week and just knowing she'll be there to check up on how I'm doing is a big thing for me, not to mention the fact that I do NOT have to go running to the doctor for every little thing. Hospice has been able to help Gay out with support referals and other things. Heck, half of "my" appointment ends up getting taken up by Annie (my nurse) and Gay talking about shopping or something! (which is fine by me. I don't need that much right now and it helps Gay out a lot).

I also have a social worker through the hospice that can help out with any of that kind of stuff AND they have direct access to my primary physician at the VA or, if they can't get ahold of him for some reason (though he's very good about calling back) they have their own doctors who can take care of any emergancies that might pop up.

It USED to be that hopice was called in only in the last few weeks or days, but that is changing. Now they like to get involved early with a person. If the patient gets better and no longer needs them, all well and good. But if things go the other way they have a longer "history" with that patient and are better able to fill the very unique needs each person has.

Wishing you and your Father all the best and prayers for a speedy and full recovery.


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Sorry to hear things have not been going well for your dad, but glad that he seems to be improving lately. That's great news!

I think its great too that you're interested in looking at nutritional therapy - I think its very important, and quite underestimated by most medicos. Wishing you all the best,


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How tough your Daddy is. He has been through so much already, and his will to survive is amazing. Don't let that word "hospice" scare you. They could be such a big help to you and your family. Using their services doesn't mean your giving up. I like Dean Carl's post. I will continue to hold you and your Dad in my prayers.


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I wanted to thank each one of you for responding to my post.

Dean Carl, your post was so comforting and I shared it with my family right away. Im so glad hospice has been such a good thing for you. You have taken some of the fear out of it for all of us.

Hollyridge, I think they dont consider Iressa a heavy treatment which is why you can use hospice. Counselor explained if he was ever strong enough to withstand regular chemo that would be a different story.

Dave G - I have quoted you a few times already and it gives me great comfort what you said about hospice being about quality of life not end of life. Bless you for saying that.

JC - thank you for including my father in the vigil, that meant a lot.

Karen, Cheryl, Don, Peg, Fay, Karen, Katie, SamswifeShirley thank you for your kind words,prayers and comfort.

God Bless each of you.

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I know my sister, karenl, has mentioned this before but if you are interested in alternative treatments I would recommend you use the internet and put the name Ian Gawler into a search engine. He was diagnosed and after failing several treatments was given 2 weeks to live. Well, 27 years later he is still alive. There are alternatives, always.

Wishing you well



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You are SO welcome and I am so glad you found it inspiring. It truly is an amazing story. I wish everyone wish a diagnosis would read it. It just proves that people DO beat the odds. Thanks for the info. on the book you mentioned. I'll look into it. My Mum is trying alot of different things, so if you ever want to have a chat please feel free to PM me.



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