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Jittery after third round of chemo


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Ah, the jitters!  It’s like you drank a gallon of coffee.  It’s the steroids.  Only good news is that it doesn’t last long & then you will sleep like a baby for two days before “normal” resumes. Good time to clean out the closets.  Hang in there! 

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Back in '07 , I was doing 12 cycles of Folfox 4 for Colon Cancer. Still CC free.

They were really loading me up with Dex. That is one really rough chemo.

Fast forward to 2017 and I resisted Dex for my NSCLC chemo but settled on 8mg, 4mg &  4 mg on consecutive days . By that time I had been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes ( for which I blame the Dex).

Now that I have resumed chemo for cancerous lung nodules I'm on 4mg,2mg,0mg . I am getting metoclopramide for anti nausea.

I have concluded that oncologists are way too free with handing out Dex. It's very trick stuff.

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