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Hi Katie,

Is the KRAS expert still around?   My NSCLC was 1a. The biomarker test showed a KRAS mutation. I'm not needing treatment at this time, beyond surgery  I had., but I want to learn all I can about KRAS "just in case".  I have a germline STK 11 mutation. This is (or was, when my genetic testing was done about 2 years ago), considered a Variant of Uncertain Significance, (VUS) although this is a tumor suppressor gene. I've seen on-line some very  recent articles about the connection between KRAS and STK 11. The articles are really technical. They seem to be talking about STK 11 mutations in tumors (biomarkers) rather than in the germline (inherited.). I'm trying to understand all of this. So I have few  questions: Does a person who has the germline mutation always have the mutation in the tumor? Is testing for STK 11 as a biomarker available generally to patients or is it only done in research?  Is the germline  mutation still considered a VUS, or has this changed due to new information? 

STK 11 is associated with Peutz -Jagers Syndrome and the syndrome is clearly associated  with an increased risk for certain cancers. But inot everyone who has the germline mutation has PJS and I clearly don't. But besides NSCLC, I've had 2 other primary cancers, both of which are on the list of those associate with PJS.  So I'm concerned about whether I have increased risk of other PJS associated cancers such as pancreatic, and whether I should have increased surveillance. 

I hope all of this makes some sense! I'd appreciate any information ( or suggestions of where to look for info) that you, or the KRAS experts, or anybody else on this forum could give meT


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